Wednesday, August 20, 2008

in the house...of secrets!


i know that i've been preaching to everyone who'll listen that we've got to make summer last, got to make sure we pack this (fleeting) summer with as much summery fun as we can because--around here anyway--winter is long and cold and dark... (actually, i love the cold and dark part--it's the "long" that gets to be too much...)

i got angry at nic (portal comics) a week or so back when he said he felt a giddy delight when he saw the staples back-to-school, most wonderful time of the year commercial. sorry, nic, but as a never-grow-up toys r us kid, even here as a supposed adult, the words "back-to-school" are still a poisonous curse to me and they, more than anything, mean the death of summer! craig, of course, quickly pointed out that i don't have kids and so i wouldn't get it. he loves that commercial too...!

but the nights are already getting chilly here and it IS time to start thinkin' about what you're gonna be for halloween--whatcha gonna be?!?--and a & e has started a new season of paranormal state. and while i still want summer to hang on for a few more weeks (months?), a couple other things have been tugging me toward the season of spooks and chills--

last week i picked up the showcase house of secrets and have truly devoured it! on the cover it proclaims "over 500 pages of comics!" is that all? i could eat that in one sitting when it's these wonderfully chilling, gothic (yes, on some "dated" would be a better term...) stories by some of the most talented writers and artists back in the early 70's! bernie wrightson, gerry conway, len wein, mike kaluta, alex toth, steve skeates, nick cardy, john albano, tony dezuniga, and jim aparo! maybe they appeal to me because, though they were actually before MY time too, they resonate with a feeling of the day, they reflect all of what was happening in comics--and the world--at the time! i love 'em!

also getting me cranked up for fall creepiness, is the book weird hauntings, sent to me by my pal, mike estelle, who even got it signed for me by awesome artist, ryan doan! thanks mike! you shouldna.

weird hauntings is put out by the weird nj people, the magazine that has spawned a great series of weird books chronicling weird places and events in many of these united states (weird new york, weird pennsylvania, weird new england, weird usa, get the idea...) it's a great book with a great many first hand accounts of some really creepy places. and ryan has created some really great photos/illustrations/paintings for many of the stories! great stuff! thanks again, mike!

so while i'll hang onto this summer with the last of my strength, start letting a little creepy into your schedule. wendy, who has just recently joined out little family here, was just asking me if I'D ever seen something strange, which made me realize that we ought to have a round of sharing our own personal weird and creepy experiences again. anybody up for that? if you have a strange or scary story to share, send it over to me at todd@perhapanauts,com and i'll post it up here on the blog. i know we've heard from a lot of you before, but let's dig 'em out and scare each other again. you could even cut and paste them from last time. this could be lots of fun.
and i now know that wendy's got one...

think about it.
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

I thought I was the only one! I'm counting the days until Halloween. Halloween is my favorite time of year because it means a slew of horror movies in the theaters and bad-movie marathons on TV. Oh, and candy!

I'm too busy for a costume this year so that ROM suit will have to wait other 12 months. But there was Fall in the air this morning and I'm excited. I passed on the SECRETS book for now but that's only because I'm spending my money on Dark Horse's CREEPY omnibus. I absolutely cannot wait to pick it up tonight.

Brian said...

Craig mentioned that conversation with you to me just the other day and I have to agree that if you don't have kids, you really are out of the summer game.

During our formative years we are conditioned to associate summer with vacation and September with the end of freedom, but, with no kids, and being over 20 years removed from school, those feelings have faded for me.

Heywood Jablomie said...

i'm looking forward to fall as well. That and spring are my fave times of the year. summer not so much and winter is in-between, sometimes i love it sometimes i could do without it. but the end of summer means the tourists go away and it won't take me an hour and a half to drive 15 miles home on the weekends.

since i won't get to catch too much horror stuff when it airs on tv and in the movies i bought a nice collection of movies that i'm sure are so bad they're good(hopefully).

i haven't gotten to read my copy of wierd hauntings yet, my gf has had it for quite some time now. and no thanks are needed man!

Christian D. Leaf said...

As a Leaf I'm always a little nervous when autumn comes around, but I am a Hallowe'en junkie. Looking forward to dressing Lilah (and myself) up and hitting the mean streets in search of sugar enriched treasure. Though I don't think she'll be watching any horror flicks with me...yet.

Almost picked up House of Secrets this afternoon but opted for some Earthboy Jacobus instead. As we get closer to All Hallows Eve I'm sure I'll be picking it up.

Scott Weinstein said...

While I enjoy the lazy, free-time of summer, I have to say I like fall more. Mainly because as a former southerner, I can't stand humidity. So, I love the cool, crisp autumn wind.

Not to mention new TV starts up.

Leanne said...

My favorite time of the year has always been autumn and especially winter. I'm glad I'm not alone with the "Back to School" thing-- those words STILL make me cringe.

Part of what makes me look forward to autumn is Halloween, because I can always count on sitting back and watching all of the ghost specials and documentaries and marathons. I love that stuff! Give me a good ghost story and I'm there.

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the BBC movie "The Woman In Black," let me know. I can rustle up a copy or two to bring to Baltimore. It's my favorite ghost movie of all time and STILL creeps me out on repeat viewings. Good stuff!

~ Wendy ~ said...

aww see, as much as I enjoy the summer & camping, picnics, swimming, etc etc .. I *love* the fall - it's my fav time of year. I love the crispness in the air, the cooler nights & days.. and, sorry, I just *love* that staples commercial about "back to school" .. but, as said above, I have kids and can *sooo* relate.

As it gets closer to Halloween do you think you could do a blog about fav scary movies .. I would love to get some ideas on ones to see that I may have missed.. ??

And Yes.. do, let's share our stories.. I'll share mine, if you all will share yours .....

Anonymous said...

I love the fall...sorry, I do. It just adds to that turning of the page.
I think i'm gonna take a couple days off at halloween to fully enjoy it this year. Yes, I will be waist deep in ghost documentaries.

Scary, wierd, creepy stories, eh?
Have I told the one here where I came home for leave and was slapped in the face by someone/something I did not see?
How about the one with my Aunt and the man in the closet?

Nick Easterday said...

For great horror movies, look up all the Horrorfest movies, or 8 Films to Die For. It's a comp they do for indie films and do a big showing in LA, NYC, etc.. Netflix though brings it to your door, The Deaths of Ian Stone rocked, Session 9 creeped me out for days.... especially when I did a solo hike to a hot spring the other night coming home from work. Then I started thinking about how cool seeing a chupacabra or a bigfoot would be and if they would be chill. Diary of the Dead is the new Romero flick that has a Walking Dead sort of feel... an being Romero the zombies are slow, and dead... not fast and infected.
Love Halloween, getting a contact perscription so I can get the white outs and dress as the devil/satyr! My fav thing to dress up as, even better when I'm going to be in Vegas for Halloween and can body paint myself to show off my devil's tail tattoo!
As for creepy encounters with the paranormal... I'm sad to say I haven't had anything conclusive... couple creepy moments walking alone in the woods or some ghost mining towns.

Adam Hutch said...

Normally I'm all from Autumn coming around, but summer's been so craptacular this year that I kinda feel like it's already here. I am looking forward to Hallween this year. It'll be my daughter's second and I'm already campaigning hard for Wonder Woman or Supergirl.

When I was a kid I REALLY hated the back to school sales because they'd always start right around my birthday.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Nick - thanks for the info on some good horror movies. I looked up Session 9 and added it to my blockbuster list (sorry, not netflix).. I'll look up those lists you mentioned to see what else I can add. I know it may not seem too scary to some but I found the Mel Gibson movie *Signs* scary. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting it to be how it turned out..