Tuesday, September 02, 2008



i realized a short while ago that i use the metaphors "i'm juggling a lot of things right now..." or "i'm trying to keep all the plates spinning..." a lot. i apologize. as a writer, i should have trained myself past using the same descriptive(s) long ago. the last thing any writer wants to be is repetitious.

but that is SO what it feels like.

aside from the cool spider-man work i've been fortunate enough to get lately--can't wait 'til november when it actually starts coming out--i've also been recruited to work on a very high-profile video game (of which i cannot speak at this time...but when i can, you will be the first to know). and all of that is the super-cool stuff that pays the bills.

but what really gets me excited is The PERHAPANAUTS--and that's where the plate spinning starts.
craig is, of course, hard at work on issue 5 (both of us are pretty excited about this one as it's the end of our first image arc and...well, we really like the story...!). but i just stopped the other day to see how many other perhapanauts i have in the works's just crazy...

1. jason armstrong is just finishing up a spooky tale for our halloween issue called "ghosts of hallowe'en's past."

2. as is jamar nicholas with "choopie's halloween."

3. and scott weinstein and leanne hannah are working on a molly story that will be in there too (though scott wrote that, so that takes some off me...thanks, you guys!)

4. matt wieringo and christian leaf are working on a 6-page story featuring choopie and karl (they don't know it's a two-parter yet. shhhh...)

5. rich woodall is working on a tale that takes the team to the bavarian alps.

6. and jason copland is hard at work on a case file called "evaluation," featuring dr.trish sheehan, joann defile, and big.

7. we've also got flip covers coming in from jason armstrong, australian newcomer, matt pott, and an extra special halloween cover from comics legend...mike ploog!! (and wait 'til you see THAT!!!)

so, yeah, that a lot of plates.
and they're still spinning.
so i guess i'm doing okay.


for a sneak preview of what matt and christian are doing, check out their blogs at




over on his blog, kibbles and bitch, dominick has posted an almost embarrassingly favorable review of the first two perhapanauts trades, inspired by his enthusiasm for the new image series! thanks so much for the kind words--you're makin' us blush...!

smell ya later!



Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
Awesome news. Looking forward to hear more news on the video game stuff (when you can finally spill the beans).

Great to hear you're busy because of writing gigs (awesome to get paid for doing what you enjoy). Keep those plates spinning- LOL.

That's quite a list of guests for the 'haps.
Mike Ploog- awesome!
Everyone else, too, of course.

Saw the page on both Matt's & Leaf's blog.
It's looking really awesome. Hope that issue comes out soon.

I'll check out Dominick's review of the TPBs later.

till next time. :)

Heywood Jablomie said...

hey todd-

did you know they made this thing a long time ago called a thesaurus? i mean you are getting on in the years so maybe you've heard of it? haha just kidding! it gets to be hard to try to change things up-i find myself always using the same things over and over again. especially lately while i've been writing my story. so i feel your pain.

the video game things sounds awesome! can't wait to hear more.

and you guys got ploog? for effin serious? dood that's awesome! can't wait to see his haps stuff!!

and matt and christian's page looks great! definitely lookign forward to the rest of it.

Christian D. Leaf said...

As an avid gamer the video game news is excellent news. I'll try not to bug you about secret details, but if you need a tester/reviewer I'm your huckleberry.

The Hallowe'en issue sounds like it'll be chock full of delights. Especially with Ploog rockin' a cover. Hot diggity as the kids say these days.

A two-parter, eh? Yoinks!

Brian said...


There is something to be said for the use of a familiar phrase as it quickly and accurately relays the situation to the reader.

After going down your list of "irons in the fire," a visual image from the Ed Sullivan show of a man running up and down a line of plates spinning on the top of sticks popped right into my head.

Stick with what works says I, though I am looking forward to reading the story that Heywood mentioned, "The Perhapanauts vs. The Thesaurus" as I love dino stories.

Very cool news about the video game. Cannot wait till you can share more details.

Heywood Jablomie said...

hey brian,

i think you're onto a great idea! when i finish my current story i'll jump into that one! lol

Scott Weinstein said...

That sounds like a great issue. I can't wait to read it.

And having seen Leanne's art for our story, I'm really excited for everyone else to read it. She's doing an amazing job.

And Matt and Christian, you're pages look fantastic. I can't wait to read the story.

This is really exciting.

Warren said...

Hey, Todd, while you're spinning plates, have you had time to spin those dvd's I gave you at Heroes Con? :)

todd said...

hey, warren!

so sorry--i'm ashamed to say that they sit here on my coffee table waiting for me to have some time to sit down and watch them all...
i think i told you that a month or so ago, my nephew and i watched the first episode and enjoyed it. as you had pointed out, not the greatest animation going, but certainly better than a lot i've seen. the first episode wasn't the greatest pilot either, but i AM eager to see how things unfold.
thanks for them--and for your patience--
i'm sorry that i haven't had more time!

Warren said...

Think nothing of it. I do hope you enjoy them. It's not a great show, but I thought it had some interesting ideas. I don't remember the show airing at all and I'm sure that if it had been shown in my local market (Charlotte, NC) that I would have watched it. It came out in 1999.

And for anyone who's wondering, the show in question is a cartoon called "Roswell Conspiracies".