Monday, June 01, 2009

fancy-pants monday!


so, on friday, i posted wally wood's 22 panels that always work.
today, i'm giving you

carmine infantino's 7 covers that always sell!
carmine infantino was a renowned artist in the industry throughout the 50s and 60s and was responsible, in many ways, for the look and the feel of the dc line at the onset of the silver age, co-creating the silver age flash, adam strange, and elongated man, as well as handling a long and impressive run as the artist on batman. in the mid-sixties, he was advanced to art director, where he reinvigorated dc comics by hiring on great artists--like our pal, nick cardy--to produce some of the most exciting and eye-catching covers that comics had ever seen, then or since! carmine was eventually promoted to editorial director, and then publisher, where he oversaw the entire workings of dc comics until 1977.

these are images or elements that, back in the late 60s/early 70s, carmine claimed were (scientifically!) proven to sell more copies of that particular issue!

are ya ready? write 'em down!
you won't wanna miss this important information!

~ dinosaurs!

~ gorillas!

~ motorcycles!

~ the city in flames! (or destroyed!)

~ the color purple!

~ the hero crying (defeated)!

~ a question posed to the reader, like "why is this hero crying?!"

and this is why the cover to an upcoming issue of your favorite perhapanauts comic will feature our own big, on a motorcycle, escaping a burning city enveloped by a strange purple glow, as he is chased by a rampaging dinosaur.
and he is crying.
also, in the corner, is a pop-up of choopie asking, "who took my friggin' fruit pie?!"

(actually, i'd really like to see that...)


and now, the
answers to your
"five for friday!"

here are their real names--
by what name are they infamous...?

1. anakin skywalker

darth vader

2. norton g. fester

the looter
(also accept meteor man)

3. johann shmidt

the red skull

4. arnold wexler

the ventriloquist

5. dennis rader

the btk killer

have a fancy-pants monday!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely buying THAT issue of Perhapanauts.
Ok, so I've pretty much got all the 'haps issues, but I don't know why I feel an uncontrolled urge to buy that issue. Must be something scientific. : )

Brian said...

Sounds like the greatest "lost cover" in the world to me and, given my history with lost covers, that is saying a lot.

Christian D. Leaf said...

There's your first pin-up contest right there, Todd. I may start drawing that tonight (after I ink Matt's latest page, of course).

todd said...

hey, christian~!

man, that SHOULD be a pin-up contest! what a great idea!
although it shouldn't have to be exactly as i described it--people could work the elements together in any way they see fit. you know me, i wouldn't wanna limit anyone's creativty...
that'd be fun!

Matt Wieringo said...

I'd heard that about the color purple before. And it's true. I finally bought the book VAMPIRE$ after months of picking it up and then putting it back down. Why did I keep picking it up? Because the purple cover was irresistible. Funny thing is, though...I read somewhere that the author hated the cover.

Heywood Jablomie said...

That would make a great cover! fan created or not!!

oh and a small correction todd-

The Ventriloquist is Arnold Wesker or at least according to the search engines. i couldn't for the life of me find the wexler you posted about. =P

treyalexander said...

I'm a couple weeks late in joining the conversation, but .... I loved Infantino, and had the pleasure of meeting him at HeroesCon years ago. I think the success of his "rules" also had a lot to do with the talented artists for those covers, too (natch). Didn't CrossGen try to use some researched rules of their own? Doesn't always work, I guess!