Friday, June 26, 2009

nick's father's day breakfast!


last sunday morning at the con, we took our pal, comics legend nick cardy, out for a father's day breakfast. well, not really out, just downstairs, as the westin has a lovely restaurant in the hotel and a fantastic breakfast/brunch buffet. also, they were nice enough to hook us up with the private area in the back, with the fancy glassed-in room. (which i think is cool!)
nick is an incredible storyteller--if he weren't, my phone bills wouldn't be so huge--and he is easily drawn out by an audience. and we were all so very happy to oblige. nick told stories about his life, his time in europe, in a tank, during world war II, and about his time in comics.

the master.

a comics legend himself, joe staton, matt wieringo, christian leaf, suzanne wieringo

joe, matt, and christian listen to nick's tale of starting out as an assistant tank driver--and accidentally knocking all the troops off with low tree branches.

sharon, craig, and cully hamner. sharon's either heard this story before (nick talks to her on the phone a lot too, so it's possible...) or she was up just way too late last night...


a couple more items i brought home from the show were:

nate lovett's sketchbook/artbook called slacker, featuring nate's sweet perhapa-pin-up--seen in the current issue of the perhapanauts, now on sale!!--as well as a few marvel adventures spider-man pages from a story written by moi. it's always cool to see two different artists interpret the same scene--nate did a swingin' job on spidey and the prowler!

and this lovely print from keron grant...


i love the world of entertainment and pop culture. and i admire and respect quite a number of celebrities. and while i try to keep this blog upbeat and avoid posting about sadness and tragedy, i was saddened by the loss of farrah and michael yesterday. when i hear news like this, it really does feel, if only for a few hours or so, that the world is a little bit emptier.
on facebook, i asked, knowing that celebrities somehow--coincidence? fate? the lining up of the cosmos?--usually go in threes, i asked if david carradine, who died three weeks ago, would be considered part of this trio. three weeks is a long time. i was reminded though, that we lost ed mcmahon just the other day and so, there you go. i was a big johnny and ed fan.
so rest in peace, michael and farrah and ed. and david, too.
and thank you for entertaining us.


the return of the
"five for friday!"

1. what was the name of farrah fawcett-majors' character on charlie's angels?

2. which michael jackson music video had him dancing with the bones of the elephant man?

3. what was the name of the weekly television talent show that ed mcmahon hosted from 1983-1995?

4. what was the name of david carradine's character on kung fu?

5. name four of the hit tracks off of michael jackson's 1982 album, thriller.

that's it!
have a nice weekend!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

That breakfast at the Westin is the best. (And maybe the most expensive too, but worth it.) I'm sure Nick's stories make it that much better.

I love that Keron Grant piece. I kept walking by his table checking it out. I think what sells it for me is that her belt is so tight, there is just a little bit of fat hanging over it. So great.

todd said...

i think that's the cut of her belt.

Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, this is a weird week. Not much to smile about since Heroes.

When I was walking with Nick to the convention center after that breakfast, I had to duck as we passed by all those potted trees lining the wall on the way to the door. Nick and I couldn't move over because of the traffic coming into the restaurant so I just had to deal with it. After the third tree or so, Nick looked up at me and chuckled. "That's what happened to those guys when I was driving the tank."

Man, I just love Nick.

Brian said...

Great story Matt. Nick is the best.

Ok, here we go on the Five For . . .

1. Kelly (?) [Kate Jackson as Sabrina was my favorite and, while I did not think of it consciously, Sabrina was the name of my first pet]

2. ?

3. Star Search

4. Kane

5. Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and P.Y.T.

alison said...

Hey Guys,

On the Grant piece, yeah, it does appear to be the cut of the belt, not fat. What I appreciate about it is that it's a refreshingly realistic-ish female body—not my body, mind you :-( —but realistic-ish nonetheless.

T - Nick sounds like a friend of ours who is in his eighties, lives on the Cape, and had a small press back in the day. Stories? Can that man ever hold court. :-)

Also not to be a downer, but I watched Farrah's Story last night and thought it was such a common one when cancer hits - where to turn, how to fix this, what's the latest greatest, what's just snake oil slithering in to feed on desperation, and how does one continue actually living in the midst of it all? I admire her will to honestly document her journey.

Colin said...

1. Can't think of it

2. Dunno

3. Star Search

4. Kwai Chang Kaine

5. Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and ....?

alison said...

Well, make that a foursome - Billy Mays. :-(

Brian said...

Looks like the start of another three.

Gale Storm, TV's "My Little Margie" passed away today.