Friday, August 28, 2009

read the PERHAPANAUTS for free!

bigfoot sasquatch


does everybody know that you can download (and read) the celebrated PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL for FREE off the perhapanauts website?!? it's true! the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL--our very first issue under the ever-popular IMAGE COMICS banner--is yours for the taking at it's right over there --->
got nothing to do this weekend...? why not settle in for a crazy adventure with some of cryptozoology's craziest creatures? there's a bigfoot, a chupacabra, a mothman, and the jersey devil!!
check it out--i dare ya!


i came in from volleyball late last night to find our pal, warren's comment to wednesday's post and his closing line (which i know is and has been echoed by so many comics fans for so many years...)

"Why can't they just put out comics that tell fun, dramatic, compelling stories, and get over their big events?"

and the answer is--'cause we keep buyin' 'em, baby.

your dollar is your voice and we (the comics buying/reading public) just keeps saying "yes! hell, yes! bring it on!"
they know we're addicted to the characters, know that they have us all strung out, and they know that we'll never have too much...

(that is, of course, until they legalize comics and the government takes over...)

(stepping off my soapbox now...)


well, it's a little over a month away, but it's never too early to get the parade started--!
craig and i will be at the baltimore comic con on october 10 and 11 and it's gonna be big fun!
we'll have copies of the all-new, hot-off-the presses PERHAPANAUTS HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR!
copies of the previous issues (if you missed one along the way), the triangle trade--as well as recently uncovered copies of the two dark horse trades, first blood and second chances! we'll also have the all new perhapanauts button which we be debuting here in a few short weeks!
so mark your calendars and meet us in b'more!
you're not gonna wanna miss it!

baltimore comiccon!


i am, of course, a huge calvin and hobbes fan and as i mentioned in the blog the other day, does a fantastic job of making calvin--and a whole slew of other great strips--available online and delivered to your email each morning where you can pretend that you're reading it in the paper like you did the first time.
i loved this little storyline when bill watterson first presented it back in the late 80s and couldn't resist posting it here for you!
go, calvin, go!


* correction: on wednesday i said that it was talent caldwell doing the wonder woman comic in dc's wednesday comics. in fact, it's ben caldwell producing that lovely strip!
sorry, ben.


and here, just for
the hell of it--
"five for friday"

1. which u.s president coined the phrase, "walk softly, but carry a big stick"?

2. who said, "imagination is more important than knowledge"?

3. what six states comprise the region known as new england?

4. what state is known as big sky country?

5. comics creators
who created...

a. superman?

b. batman?

c. spider-man?

d. the fantastic four?

e. wonder woman?

f. wolverine?

g. impulse?

h. savage dragon?

i. after-school agent?

j. amber atoms?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Denis said...

I feel I should know more answers, but I'm just gonna skip to the "who created who" question. Even though I recognise both quotes, I don't know who coined them. Anyway:
5.a- Siegel and Shuster, Jerry and Joe.
5.b- Bob Kane
5.c- Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
5.d- Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
5.e- Darn it! Don't know his name, but he also invented the Lie Detector. Which is awesome, considering the properties of her magical lasso.
5.f- Len Wein
5.g- *sniff* Mike and Mark. *sniff*. I miss him. They made a great team too. Their run on FF was the best!
5.h- Ack! I should know this name. Founding member of Image... no... I'd have to look this one up. It escapes me right now. Darn.
5.i- Nope. Nothing.
5.j- Is she from Invincible? Robert Kirkman?

Heywood Jablomie said...

Man haven't been able to post all week but I did read'em all! I liked those pics of you from back in the day-those are always fun to dig out!

I'm going to finish Denis's run here as I'm in the same boat about the quotes:
5.h-Erik Larsen
5.i-Scott Weinstein and Chris Zaccone
5.j-Kelly Yates

Brian said...

Working on making it to Baltimore. Fingers crossed.

Man, Calvin and Hobbs was so good. I bet with all that free time, he could do an alternate cover.

On to the Five for Friday.

1. Tough Rooster himself, Teddy Roosevelt.

2. Edison?

3. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut

4. Wyoming?


a. Simon and Shuster

b. Kane and Finger

c. Lee and Ditko

d. Lee and Kirby

e. Some Shrink into bondage

f. Len Wein

g. Waid and Wieringo

h. Erik Larsen

i. Scott and Chris

j. Kelly Yates

Matt Wieringo said...

Y'know, John Byrne says that all the time, about voting with your wallets. But he's preaching to the choir. We're all sick of the mega-events and ultra-crossovers. I enjoyed them when they were confined to the annuals but I refuse to buy 80 comics to get one convoluted, ambiguously-ended story. I HAVE voted with my wallet. Problem is, most people who don't like the stuff have already stopped buying it and we're left with just enough people buying it (and digging it) to keep the companies profitable enough to justify continuing it. I don't see the practice changing in the near future. Fortunately, I'm rediscovering all my old favorites with the ESSENTIALS, SHOWCASE and OMNIBUS series. And Image, BOOM! and a few other companies are putting out plenty of cool comics to satisfy my desire for new stuff.

1. President Buford T. Pusser.

2. Reed Richards

3. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut?

4. Wyoming?

5. comics creators
who created...

a. superman? Siegel and Shuster

b. batman? Bob Kane (.but...nah, I won't get into it.)

c. spider-man? Ditko and Lee

d. the fantastic four? Kirby and Lee

e. wonder woman? (William M Marston, the lie detector guy)

f. wolverine? Len Wein, Herb Trimpe and a design assist from John Romita, I believe

g. impulse? Waid and the greatest artist that ever lived.

h. savage dragon? Erik Larsen's 8-year-old self

i. after-school agent? Somebody help me here...ummm...:)

j. amber atoms? Kelly Yates

Warren said...

Myeh. It's hard for me to stay in love with the characters when you have people coming in to write them that seem to be ashamed to write for comics and do their best to destroy the characters they write about in order to "rejuvenate" their titles.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Calvin and Hobbes is my all time fav. comic strip. I remember laughing out loud to the silly antics of hobbes - especially when he would "greet" calvin when calvin came home from school. . And the snowmen calvin would create and the looks on his parent's faces when they saw them in the yard! Priceless!!!

Can't wait until Oct and the newest Perhaps!!

~ Wendy ~ said...

ps. gotta admit (sorry) that I am one of those individuals who stopped reading some of the comics I use to buy because of the story lines being drawn out and too convoluted. Same reason I stopped watching x-files when it turned into all about alien abduction and got away from the single show story lines of paranormal (fake or real) activities they were suppose to be investigating...

Anonymous said...

1. Teddy Roosevelt

2. Albert Einstein

3. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

4. Arizona

5. comics creators
who created...

a. Shuster

b. Kane

c. Stan Lee

d. Stan Lee/Steve Ditko

e. wonder woman?

f. Claremont

g. Todd Dezago

h. Larsen

i. after-school agent?

j. amber atoms?

When you brought up that site with C&H strips it reminded me of something amazing:


Anonymous said...

Oh shit, it was Waid.

But the Dezago/Wieringo combo was what created Impulse in Jared Adamsland as it is written in the Jaredite History Books of Jaredius in Encyclopedia Jarannica.

Unknown said...

Big Sky Country is Montana.

Anonymous said...

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