Friday, December 04, 2009

for friday


i'm not very good at self-promotion--although i'm sure you'll recall my perennial shout-outs of "why not give the gift of adventure?" around this time of year, reminding folks that they probably have at least one person on their christmas list that would dig a copy of the perhapanauts:triangle trade this year...!

and i don't really know if i'm that good at promoting other people and their work either...but here's where i'm coming from.

as an imaginative young lad i, naturally, gravitated toward other imaginative young lads (and ladies) and so had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of exciting adventures and what some might call 'dangerous' experiments...
my best friend when i was 11, 12, 13 was a kid named garth green. like me, garth was into drawing and all manner of artwork, music--we both played guitar, but while i was learning the basics of the three chord blues progressions for what was definitely going to be an awesome career in rock and/or roll, garth was going so much deeper, studying classical guitar from the great vladimir bobri. as kids of that age we went on some amazingly great adventures, did a whole bunch of really stupid things, and mostly had a fantastic time. also, garth had an older brother who was a great resource when we had questions about girls and sex.
around when we were 14, garth moved away and we lost touch, but a few years back our paths crossed again and we've been friends again ever since, having some new adventures and doing stupid things (although, apparently now we've gotta be careful 'cause they arrest you now for stuff they'd letcha get away with as kids...)
so while my rock and roll career did have it's high points in the 80s and early 90s, garth has gone on to prove just what a truly talented musician and composer he is, creating several cd's of his imaginative and stylized pieces.

check out some of garth's stuff here...

and if you or someone you know on your christmas list would appreciate a cd of music by my gifted pal, you can order one or two (or three) at

or, if you're looking for some other ideas for that hard to buy for friend or relative, go here

matt sent us a link to this guy's blog and book the other day and we can't stop laughing about it. if nothing else, make sure you bookmark this site and visit it anytime you're job starts sucking the soul out of you...


i think i'm buying everybody marvel super hero squad action figures, so i'm done.


and here are some cool pictures of ufos and cows and tractor beams. i always loved the concept of tractor beams. we gotta put more tractor beams in the perhapanauts. (also, maybe we should redesign the skipper to look like a smaller version of that awesome spaceship mike grell put on the cover of green lantern 93--that thing is cool like a donut!)


"five for friday!"
name the actor

here are three roles that they've portrayed--
name the actor or actress

1. wes mantooth, norman bates, peter le fleur

2. catherine deane, mary fiore, karen sisco

3. pvt. pyle, edgar, carl stargher

4. tina carlyle, natalie cook, princess fiona

5. terrence 'terry' mann, king jaffe, joffer, barney hill

have a great weekend!
find the spirit of the season!
smell ya later~!


todd said...

yeah--i shoulda included a disclaimer that these are kinda hard...and obscure...

although one in each of the groupings should be enough to get you there.

sorry if they're too hard/minutia...
it happens...

Brian said...

I do like it when a flying saucer is "saucer" shaped and the good old Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space remains one of my all time faves.

Ok, on to the Five.

1. Anthony Perkins

2. Jennifer Lopez

3. The guy from Law and Order, Criminal Intent or Jim Neighbors ;-)

4. Cameron Diaz

5. ?

Cooper said...

Whooo! Movies!

1. Vince Vaughn

2. Dunno'...

3. Vincent D'Onofrio, I think? "he's wearing an Edgar suit!" (probably massacred that spelling)

4. Cameron Diaz

5. If there's a misplaced comma here and I'm thinking correctly of COMING TO AMERICA, I'll go with James Earl Jones

And I think I'm going to have that pie chart blown up to hang on my office wall...

alison said...

I'm sure Sharon is really gonna love the action figure under the tree this year. Such a romantic lad, you.