Wednesday, December 02, 2009

birth of an island


so, personally, i think this is pretty awesome.
again, alison comes through with an incredible email and photos.
the story that went along with them was actually a bit confusing, and left out some important elements-- so i am paraphrasing it the way i understood it.

so these guys are traveling around the south pacific on their yacht, the maiken, when they spot what they think is an island or beach out in the middle of nowhere, just a sandy expanse that's level with the ocean water--

but when they get up's actually sand that's floating on the top of the water...

as it turns out, not really sand, but volcanic stones...

they sail through...

...leaving a wake behind them...

an hour or so later, and many miles away, they turn to see, rising into the sky above the spot they just sailed through...

a column of steam--

a pillar of smoke--

and upon their return the next day--

a new island, freshly risen from the ocean floor.

i'm working on my christmas card--making lists--getting some shopping done...and finally letting the christmas music in.
are you all getting ready?

have a great day!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Since they discovered this budding island do they get to name it? Had to be exhilarating to happen up that blanket of volcanic stones and then the eruption.

Adam Hutch said...

That's awesome...I hope they stitched up a flag and planted it on the island.

Brian said...

Wow, that is amazing.

As for Christmas, we've got the house decorated - except for the tree that is coming this weekend - I'm just about done with my shopping and cards, I too am now letting the christmas music in and my sweetie and I went to the Stone Zoo last night to see their Christmas light display and say hello to Santa and two of his not so tiny reindeer.

Matt Wieringo said...

Good thing they weren't sitting on top of that thing when it happened. They might have had a lousy afternoon.

Don't mention Christmas to me. In Mafusville, it's always Halloween.

alison said...

Christian, the skipper also wondered in his blog post that day if they'd get to name it. I don't know if they did.

Since Christmas in PR doesn't really get into full swing until Christmas and runs through Epiphany, we kind of wait until about a week before the 25th to start decorating--just to keep the feeling fresh.

I really miss Christmas music piping out into the chilly Market Street air this time of year. But I do have an akin feeling as the seasonal music from a local hangout drifts through the cool night air to our house.

Enjoy the season everyone!

Alisa B said...

Very cool!! Good thing it didn't start erupting when they were sailing through!! I wonder if they noticed any difference in water temp when they sailed through.

Anonymous said...

I was left wondering about the noise something like that would create... and how about the shaking? and at the same time...thinking: Wow, Spectacular!!

I always feel that Christmas comes and goes too fast, so we start decorating the day after thanksgiving. Christmas music is playing around the house.

I just love this holiday season!! It is just magical! I guess what i like more about it is that, in my opinion, for some reason hearts are more willing to give...all sorts of gifts... a smile,a hand shake, a plate of food, a sincere embrace, an ear to listen, a toy to a child, a letter or card to a friend, a sincere apology even... It brings people closer together!

Have an amazing season everyone!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Those are some wild pics!

Must have been really cool to witness it in person.

I'm trying to get into the christmas spirit but I'm still stuck in halloween mode.