Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sharing the holidays--part 2!


so christmas is only two days away...are you ready? i mean that both commercially and spiritually. i am. sorta. i need to go out today and pick up a couple of small things that were back-ordered, but otherwise, i've got all of that covered. and i am in the spirit! yeah, the initial rushing around and trying to find something nice for everyone on your christmas list can be counter-productive to getting into the spirit of the holidays. but, it's weird, somewhere in that frantic rush there can also be that one moment, that one gesture, that one smile from a friend or loved one...that can start that spirit glowing within you.
or sometimes, in your mad race, you need to actually slow down, take a moment, take a breath...and let that feeling catch up to you, wash over you, and fill you up.
i hope you've all had that happen to you.

so here are a couple more childhood memories of christmas from two more members of our perhapa-family. thanks to everyone who dug out the photos and sent them in--i know it really made the holidays a little more special for me...


brien powell

Hey Todd! Thanks for sharing the great pics of Christmas past on your Perhapablog. They really do put you in that yuletide mood! Here are some pics from my Christmas past.
First is a sans beard picture of me from Christmas Day 1976 when I was just 3 years, 1 month & 11 days old.

The next picture is a shot of my haul from a few years later. If you look real close on the right of the picture you can see the Bionic Bigfoot figure that I used for my Perhapanauts Halloween contest entry.

Next is a picture from last year of me dressed up as my character Magnet Man w/Jimmy & Angel Valiant, Santa & an Elf at Boogie's Wrestling Camp in Shawsville, VA. Jimmy & Angel are two of my favorite people in the world.

& I had to include a shot of this year's tree trimming w/me holding my four year old son Douglas while he puts the star on top of the tree. Yes, it's a small star. Hope you enjoy these pics, Todd. I wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful new year. Here's hoping for a Perhapanauts Christmas Special sometime in Christmas future! Take care. Cordially, Brien Wayne Powell


mike estelle


finally got those pics scanned. i forgot to bring them with me yesterday but i got them today. i only found these 2, i know i have more somewhere maybe my mom or dad has them i dunno.

but here you are.

the top one is from 1980, i was 5 and the hulk in the forground was mine and awesome! do you remember it? you put him in a cage and pumped this pump and he broke out! very cool. lol

i look so happy in the bottom one right? i was at my grandma's house and i remember that toy somewhat. i think the hands shot off or something. not sure of the date on it, might have been 82 or 83 maybe?

i miss the old days of christmas!!

hope ya enjoy them!



here's are the answers
to our holiday version
of monday's
"five for friday!'

1. "the perfect ending to a perfect day...", in the song sleigh ride, where's the party?

farmer gray's

2. in the twelve days of christmas, what are there 10 of?

lords a-leapin'

3. in the dreidel song, what is the dreidel made of?


4. how many ghosts visit ebenezer scrooge in "a christmas carol"?


5. what kind of decoder badge does ralphie get in the mail in "a christmas story"?

little orphan annie

hey! a special holiday treat from rich woodall tomorrow!
see ya then!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hey Todd, I had one of those special holiday moments yesterday as I was heading home from work.

We had a fair bit of snow in Boston this weekend and it is still guarding the curbs making appropriate winter foot wear a good idea.

As I was headed toward the train station, a group of twenty something office mates, mostly guys, but one or two gals, was crossing the street headed toward a restaurant on my side.

Bringing up the rear was one gal in high heels not cut out for navigating the snow between her and the sidewalk.

The guys in her group were laughing and joking amongst themselves and seemed oblivious to her as she stood in the street contemplating how to get to the curb. I, having just come abreast of the group, extended a helping hand to get her safely over the snow.

A small gesture, to be sure, but it, and the smile and thank you I got in return really put me in the spirit of the season.


P.S. I second, third and fourth the request for a 'Haps Christmas Special. ;-)

alison said...

Brain, love your sweet spirit (obvious not just in this anecdote, but in most of your posts). And, I'm a firm believer that lending a hand is still the best way to maneuver through our days.

Ay Ay for a Perhapachristmas special.