Friday, December 18, 2009

sharing the holidays~!


yes, i said that i'd post my christmas card today, but i'm pushing that off til monday just 'cause i love the awesome holiday pictures that everyone sent in! thank you, thank you, thank you, guys! these are great and i just couldn't put them off for the weekend!
here are some great holiday memories from just a few of the members of our perhapa-family! enjoy!

brian mulcahy

Here is one of my older sister, Diane, my younger brother, Cary, and me with my price and joy, Captain Action dressed as Captain America.
Also, a cute modern picture of Santa and a little friend.


alison martin (thibodeau)

Okay, I really had a ramble down memory lane. Love looking at the vintage presents and stuff in the backgrounds. Anyway, you asked for photos, here're some . . .

(alison is opening a game called...voodoo!! it all makes sense now...)

(i was good friends with alison's brother jeff--here he is playing santa for his baby sister. sweet.)


don kelly

The family one is my Mom's family before I was a twinkle in her eye.
Note the old Santa by the tree.

the other one is me at 5 yrs old? Maybe... with the same Santa standing guard by the fireplace.
He still resides with me to this day. We keep him safe and take him out every December.
Oh and I still have that Stocking as well.. it's retired but still sits with the decorations.


adam hutchinson

Here are some Christmas pictures. I must've missed where you asked for them. I have two from when I was very little (I'm the baby in them use whichever one you want), and one from my daughter's first Christmas in 2007 (I swear she enjoyed herself). ; ; )



i'm guessing that these first two are for '70 and '71 respectively--the third one is definitely '72.
we learned early on that if you asked for a wagon or something like that, santa would also fill the wagon with toys. wow!
(my brother and i were often embarrassed at how many presents we got at christmas, to the point of discouraging our friends from coming into the house sometimes. years later, my mom told us of how my dad would totally lose it at christmas and just go crazy at the toy store. he is that way still and inundates his grandkids with christmas gifts! slow down, rodeo!)


also from alison--and to remind us again what the season is all about--here's a picture of the christmas program from our church from back in 1976. i don't know which one alison is and i'm sure i'm in there somewhere...alison...?
feliz navidad!

i'd love to have more of these pics to post next week, so if any of you have some and are inspired to send them in, PLEASE, we'd love to have them!
i'll post the christmas card on monday and there are more holiday surprises coming up next week!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Great photos everyone.

It is a true wonder to see how much the world has changed in my life time, and yet how much it remains the same.

Matt Wieringo said...

Good ol' Polaroid.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Nice stuff everyone! Great to see all the pictures from people.

Brian-You're so right on that

And Todd-those pictures are a little fuzzy =P

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see these pictures even if I don't know any of you personally. It just reminds me of my own childhood and how magical this time of the year really is!!. Where i come from the celebrations can be a bit different, but the excitement and wonder of the season tugs at the heart just the same! one year just after opening our presents we all ran and jumped into the pool to cool off...the temperature can get to almost 80F around christmas time!

Really enjoyed the pictures everyone. Thanks for sharing it!

alison said...

Great great great photos everyone! Thanks for posting, Todd. As for the church Christmas pageant, I don't know who is who, but I know that I was never Mary or ever anyone of significance. I do remember one year I was the innkeeper's wife and had to answer the door for Joseph--who I think was you--and in the rehearsal when Joseph knocked, I yelled, "Just a minute, my toilet's clogged." Of course we all cracked up and I thought it was just the funniest line ever. Mom, who seemed to always be heading off those plays and things, wasn't as amused. :-) hmm, now that I think about it, could be I just put my finger on the why I never had any of the "good" parts.

We also had a ton of gifts and both Jeff and I, when our kids were younger, tended to pile on the gifts, whether we could afford it or not, I think simply because that was what Christmas looked like to us growing up. (Then again, my dh, who grew up with usually getting only one gift on 3 Kings' Day, also got right on board with going overboard.)

~ Wendy ~ said...

Oh what wonderful pictures! Thank you everyone for sharing them. Even though I may not know you all personally - they do bring back my own memories. :-)
LOL - we go overboard with our kids too. My parents did their best to give us one or two of the main "Santa wishes" on our list but money was tight .. so it's kinda funny that both my hubby and I try to make sure our Christmas tree is brimming with gifts from Santa.. LOVE the look on the boys' faces when they come down on Christmas morn. :-)
I'll have to see if I can find the one Christmas picture I have of us kids under the tree... I'm not sure if I have it or my mum has it.