Friday, August 29, 2008



well, first off, thanks again to wendy for her chilling account of her recent trip to the canyon. heh! : )

the other day a friend of mine asked me if i realized how very fortunate i am.
i do. i try to think about it everyday so that i will never, ever take it for granted.
not only have i been blessed with a wonderful family, fantastic friends, and an imagination that, though it has gotten me in trouble plenty of times in the past, has also made it possible for me to make a living for the past few years. i have been lucky enough to meet and learn from many of my heroes in the comics business.
i do count myself as lucky.

a few weeks ago--on a day that could otherwise have been very sad--i was lucky enough to be invited to lunch by a bunch of friends in the business, a get-together that we try to arrange once in every while. not all were able to attend; our faithful pal, fred hembeck had to decline and herb trimpe had to cancel at the last minute. and we could never get ahold of jim starlin who was probably gone on one of his summer vacations to someplace exotic.

but here is the gang, a bunch of artists divided over which would be a better photo on such a bright day--one in the sun or one in the shade...?
here's one of each...

back row; visiting brit, the incomparable brain bolland, inker extraordinaire, terry austin, chronicler of memoirs, mark sinnott
front row; legendary inker, joltin' joe sinnott, the indispensable joe staton, and me.

top row; brian, terry, mark
bottom row; me, joe, and joe

i am very lucky.

here are a couple of cute animal pics i've had sitting here on my desktop for a few weeks...
hope they make you smile too...!


"five for friday"

1. according to madison avenue, what two colors are proven to trigger a hunger response in people?

2. who or what is JASON DJ FM AM J?

3. in 1991, what calamitous soda ad announced the coming of "the clear alternative?"

4. who said to dolly parton that he "would give about a year's pay to peek under [her blouse]?"

5. here are the official titles of some pretty cool jobs.
what do each of these people do?

a. a farrier

b. a milliner

c. a luthier

have a great labor day weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Looks like a very fun lunch. Glad you had such a nice distraction.

Looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore. If Jim Lee is sketching, I'll probably be in that line most of the day, but I'll have plenty of hang out time on Sunday.

As for the trivia - I got a big fat load of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Cool story from Wendy.
Pre-pictures had me wondering if it would be "kokopeli", the pan flute player of SW lore.

Looks like a great lunch reunion.

all I've got are:
5a Farrier - makes horseshoes (& shoes horses)
5b Milliner - women's clothing store (from old times)
5c Luthier - makes repairs guitars (& other string instruments)

Have a great holiday weekend!

Scott Weinstein said...

That looks like a very cool lunch crowd. It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall for that one.

Anonymous said...

Man, that looks like you guys had a blast!!! Great group, how awesome is that!

Heywood Jablomie said...

looks like a blast-you are indeed a lucky man, but they're all luckier with their 'haps swag! and we're all lucky to know you and craig as well!(yeah i'm a kiss ass i know it! lol)

for the five-fer:
1. pickle and burger

2. its an acronym or a celebrity child with one of those bad names they get

3. Romulan Diet Cloak(wow that's just bad! lol)

4. hopefully someone who said it 25 years ago!

a. a farrier-he's that guy that collected fares

b. a milliner-someone who doesn't know how to spell millionaire

c. a luthier-he's that bald guy that wants to kill supes
(yeah i know they're all bad but hey i tried!!)

~ Wendy ~ said...

What a great way to spend what could have been a truly sad day - with friends and eating!!

1. red & yellow ?
2. a schizophrenic radio host?
3. oh.. it was something by pepsi but I can't remember the name...
4. Bill Clinton?
5. a)someone who travels a great distance..
b) someone who runs a mill
c) I'ld have to go with Heywood's answer here .. the bald guy who has a beef with superman


ps .. I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend!

Unknown said...

That is one cool group of people there. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall to listen in.

Here's my five 'fer:

1 - Red and Yellow
2 - calendar year, starting in July, represented by the first letter of each month
3 - Pepsi Clear
4 - Mel Tillis... of course it would take him a year to say it...
5 - farrier - horseshoe maker, putter on-er
Milliner - uh.......
Luthier - maker and repairer of stringed instuments