Monday, December 01, 2008

christmas 87 and AMBER ATOMS!

christmas card no.1--1987
"santa and his eight tiny rein-pigs"


well, i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and a relaxing long weekend. it's december, the holiday season is well underway, this is perhapablog no.501, and, as promised, and as you can see above, i will be posting my christmas cards of the past...god!, twenty years or so between now and christmas! since they go so far back (and since i said i'd post them ALL--even the ones that make me cringe...which is most...), i will be posting them daily.
so thank you in advance for your patience...
they do get better.


on a very sad note;
we lost a friend and a great artist the other day when artist/sculptor andrew wiernicki lost a long battle with pancreatic cancer. andrew, as you'll recall, sculpted the fantastic choopie sculpt that craig commissioned from him a year or so back. i only met him once, but andrew was a really nice guy and a very talented artist. he will be missed.


well, you all know kelly.

our pal, kelly yates, after years of working on this wonderful book, his labor of love, AMBER ATOMS, is finally getting ready for the big unveiling! a four-issue miniseries that kelly has been pouring all his free time into over the last few years, AMBER will hit the stands in february and you are not gonna wanna miss it! it's in the latest PREVIEWS in the IMAGE COMICS section, under "A" be sure to let your local comic store owner know that you're gonna want that!
and for a little preview of our own, here are a few pages of some super solid amber atoms action!

congratulations, kelly!
can't wait to see it!


here are the answers
to the
"five for friday"
men of letters

sure we remember chris claremont, john byrne, and terry austin on the classic x-men, but what award-winning letterer made that title look so crisp? it's all about giving a little thanks for those unsung heroes of the balloons and fonts--the letterers!

1. who was the letterer on byrne and claremont's uncanny x-men?

tom orzechowski

2. on walt simonson's thor?

john workman

3. on the sandman?

todd klein

4. on dave sim's cerebus?

dave sim

5. what is the art of (hand) lettering called?


bonus: name three other comic book letterers with distinctive styles.

chris eliopolis, richard starkings, roxanne starr, artie simek, nate piekos, joe rosen

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Very sorry to hear about Andrew. A very talented man gone too soon.

On a happier note, I'll be sure to pre-order Amber Atoms so that it will be waiting in my sub this February.

As for the Christmas Card . . . ok, I'll bite, why pigs? Bonus points for any answer other than, I can't draw reindeer. ;-)

Matt Wieringo said...

That's such terrible news about Andrew. Craig was nice enough to show me the Choopie statue Andrew sculpted at Baltimore this year and I was blown away by the detail and how faithful he was to Craig's design. The photos just do it justice. My condolences to Andrew's family.

I can't wait for AMBER ATOMS. Really looking forward to it.

todd said...

i suppose a little story might need to accompany some of these cards then...

in 1987 i had just moved to los angeles with my girlfriend and my dog to pursue an acting career. i had some really great contacts (that totally disappeared three months later when the writer's strike of '88 hit...) and we were broke. i wanted to send home a christmas card to friends and family to let them know that we were okay, but we couldn't afford real christmas cards. instead, i xeroxed off about 20 of these, folded them in, and put a stamp on them.
pigs rather than reindeer? just to be wacky, i guess...

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
Cool card. Looking forward to seeing the others to follow :)

Sorry to hear about Andrew. That sure is an awesome Choopie sculpt.

I'm so pumped up about the Amber Atoms comics. I've been wondering when these would see print since the 1st time I visited Kelly's site and saw he had some character designs for this project.
I even searched around to see if this was something that had already seen print and I had missed.

Leanne said...

That's really sad news about Andrew. That Choopie sculpt is incredible.

I'm really looking forward to Amber Atoms-- I will definitely be picking that up. The art is beautiful!

And I am really digging the card, Todd. The pigs are a nice touch! I think I like the reinpigs more than regular ol' reindeer.