Wednesday, December 10, 2008

christmas 95

christmas card no.9--1995


the front of this one was black and white with all of that zip-a-tone, but i would go over some of the bows on the packages and on jake's collar with red or green or purple magic marker to make each one unique. and i had fun, again, with the watercolor.
work-wise, i was by this time, firmly entrenched in the spider-man offices, writing first web of spider-man and eventually spectacular spider-man--as well as countless other offshoot projects and the odd issue of doctor strange or generation x when the opportunity arose.

smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

This is a cute one. Seems like Jake was starting to become the star of your cards.

On a non-Christmas Card note, I really miss the original mid-90s Generation X.

Brian said...

You really capture a child's joy at Christmas with Jake on the cover of this one.

~ Wendy ~ said...

I agree with Brian- Jake's jumping up and down really does capture how all of us children ;-) feel on Christmas morning.

I love the water colours! Some thing I've always wanted to try my hand at .. just not daring enough (yet).

Anonymous said...

Todd, this is really cool! You're totally giving me something to look forward to every day!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Dude I'm loving these!!

Your progression is amazing. I love the character you give the little guys.