Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas 97

well, the weather outside was...frightful.

as craig so kindly filled in, we got hit here on thursday night with a terrible ice storm of freezing rain and dropping temperatures. the roads glazed up, but it was really later into the night that the scary part started. laden with heavier and heavier coats of ice, the trees all around the property simply couldn't hold it up any more. the woods actually sounded like bombs and gunshots were going off all through the night, followed by huge crashes that made me think of giants stomping through the woods. they took down the power lines at our place at about 1:30. when i got up with jake at about 6 yesterday morning, the crashes could still be heard all around and the destruction was everywhere. it looked like a war zone; huge limbs cracked and hanging, crushed trees and bushes everywhere, whole trees uprooted and laying down. it was a very sad sight. still is.

power's back up now and it's both clean up and catch up time.

christmas card no.11--1997


i think this one was kinda last minute too.
i think that this year was a particularly busy one come holiday season.
i think this one was rattled off pretty quick.

on another note; mike estelle was kind enough to point out to me (see how outta the loop i am...!) that issue 46 of marvel adventures spider-man came out this week. it's a special holiday issue that i wrote and features artwork by roberto castro and greg adams! you can see a sneak preview of it over
here v

but you can check out the cool cover by our pal, skottie young, right
here v

a little spidey makes a great stocking stuffer!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Cool cover. Reminds me of when comics were fun! Todd, you need to warn us when these things are coming out so we'll know to pick 'em up. Now I have to go to the shop tomorrow. Hatin' that. :)

Glad you're okay That's some nasty weather. We've had a few storms like that around here. Not so much since ice and snow when extinct in Virginia, though.

Brian said...

As scary as those pictures are, your description of the experience really brought it home to me. Say, you may just have a future in this business.

Adam Hutch said...

Sounds like a crazy night you had. Glad to hear you only lost power and there was no damage to the ole homestead.

My shop didn't have your last issue of Marvel Adventures Spidey. I'll have to see if they have this one next weekend.