Friday, December 19, 2008

christmas 2k2

christmas card no.16--2002


after the revelations and sadness--and, hopefully, some small amount of growth--following my split with dani the year before, the spring of 2002 had me coming out of the long, gray winter a changed man--happier, hopefully wiser, much more optimistic. life is a balance and i had been through some bad times; i was ready for the good! i was in a play, made some new friends, and through one of them met a girl--an actress in a different play--who appeared to be everything i ever dreamed of in a girl. we fell quickly and spent all our time together, along with gretchen, jake, and kate's 7 year old daughter.
i was very happy.
until october, when gretchen, who had been slowly winding down, quietly passed away one night while i was out doing a workshop at a local library. i had long dreaded the day that i would lose my closest furry friend--she was my ever-present protector, my partner, my confidant--and the thought of it made everyone around me a little nervous too. i don't think i could've made it through that without kate. she came right over. and dani did too. we cried and hugged and said goodbye to gretchen and after kate and dani left, jake slipped right into gretchen's place as my best friend and confidant. just like that. he nuzzled me and stayed closer to me from then on and as he crawled into bed with me that night, the first time ever, he gave me a look, letting me know that he knew that it was just the two of us now and we would stick together forever.
got the front of the card done, but ran out of time (and talent) on the inside. it was sad to put the halo on gretchen on the card, but comforting to see her right there next to hank, knowing they would be together now.

i'm sorry that so many of these cards come with some sadness too!
they're not s'posed to be. they're supposed to be merry and uplifting.

and here are your
"five for friday"

1. what was rudolph's girlfriend's name?

2. what was the name of the grinch's dog?

3. what is the original title of "the night before christmas?"

4. what was the rabbit's name in "frosty the snowman?"

5. who recorded a duet of "peace on earth/little drummer boy" with david bowie?

6. on "miracle on 34th street," what store was kris kringle hired to play santa in?

7. and what store was their direct competition?

8. who is the only female member of santa's reindeer team?

9. according to the animated classic "santa claus is coming to town," what is the first name of mrs. claus?

10. what's the best christmas present you ever got?

have a merry day!
spread some season's greetings!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Yes, while it is sad to see Gretchen join Hank and our one Sabrina on the Halo and Wings Team, it is wonderful to have had them in our lives and to still have them be a part of your wonderful Christmas Card tradition along with Jake and now Kayla.

Ok, on to the five for Friday before the snow starts to fall.

1) Clarice (Her singing "There's Always Tomorrow for Dreams to Come True" is one of the highlights of the show.)

2). Sam

3). Long Winter's Nap?

4). Harvey?

5. Bing Crosby. I remember watching that when it was first on TV and being amazed at how well two singers from opposite ends of the music spectrum - at least to my mind at the time - could harmonize so well together. That version of the song, including the spoken intro to it, remains one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

6. Macy's - Still Going Strong

7. Gimbles - Long Gone.

8. Vixen?

9. Carol Ann - At least at my house.

10. A Fireball XL-5 play set. I watched and enjoyed the show as a kid, but didn't even know such a toy existed until Christmas morning. It blew my little mind with happiness.

Adam Hutch said...

2. Max
4. Hocus Pcus
5. Jessica
10. I'll have to think about this one. I'm afraid I'll leave something out. The year I got my Nintendo was pretty great. We had an Atari and Commodore 64 before that but they both belonged to my older brother.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the halo on Gretchen, I regretted reading the rest. I know how it is; I lost two animals I cared alot for in my life, and am probably looking at another soon. We hate to come to grips with this stuff, but life was never fair.
The card is very joyful...up until you explain Gretchen...;)
The cards are awesome, and you should draw more!

10. Having the whole family together for the last time back in 84...might have not been the gift I was looking for, but looking back it was the best.

Brian said...

HEY DEZAGO! Where's 2003?

I'm already up and shoveled out and I want to see a Christmas Card to cheer my aching body.

Chop, chop buddy, some of us have lives you know.

Not me, obviously, because it's 9:00 a.m. and I'm shoveled out and sitting in front of my computer monitor looking for a 5 year old Christmas Card, but some of us do, so show a little consideration to them.

Love, Brian.