Friday, December 05, 2008

christmas 91

christmas card no.5--1991

here's what's happening...
1991. i'm now married.
to a really wonderful girl named nicole (nick for short). and my wonderful terrier mix of a mutt, gretchen (who is 7 years old now, is my best friend, and is also thrilled to be back in new york state), now has a brother, a black dwarf rabbit named hank. nicole and i, of course, just love these two and make up lotsa stories about their adventures, them playing tricks on us, and just generally being wise guys. they would now, of course, become the stars of our christmas cards...
on the work side of my life, i am working at williams lumber, a sort of local family-owned lowes or home depot, and secretly cranking out issue after issue of xeroxed mini comics with my best friend, andy jozefowicz, after we realize that we are fairly surrounded by copy machines.
my dad, who had always been a rather strong john wayne-type figure to my brother and i anyway, now had a wider fan base with two new daughters in law and we began referring to him as "rodeo frank", gun-slingin', cowpoke-punchin', western legend. in our mini comics, we had rodeo frank writing an advice column to readers who sent in their questions. it was all a lot of fun.
needless to say, grampa rodeo became a hero to hank and gretchen and found his way into a couple of our christmas cards.

"five for friday"
gettin' in the spirit edition...

1. what american president refused to allow a christmas tree in the white house?

2. what two words are usually pre-printed on christmas gift tags?

3. what are the names of the cop and the cab driver that help george out in "it's a wonderful life?"

4. what was the name of scrooge's deceased partner in "a christmas carol?"

5. if you received all the gifts in "the twelve days of christmas," how many presents would you have?

smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

hahaha i love this one!

'does he have stealth?'
'does he have nun-chuks?'

great stuff!!

as for the five-fer:

1-um, nixon?
2-to & from
3-i should know this having seen it 800 times when i was little but it escapes me
4-jacob marley
5-it's too early for math dammit!! =P

Brian said...

OMG, they are so cute.

I love that your four legged friends make it into your cards.

Ok, the five for friday.

1. I'll guess Lincoln because of the war.

2. "To" and "From"

3. "Bert, Ernie, it's me, George Bailey, don't you know me?"

4. "In life, I was your partner, Jacob Marley."

5. 364. One for every day of the year, except your birthday.

Matt Wieringo said...

Great card and story, Todd.

Anybody else see the penciled AND inked version of Ploog's 'Haps cover in Mike Ploog's Modern Masters, out this week? Suh-weeeeeet!

Walt said...

I still have my Rodeo Frank Flipbook around here someplace. It always makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Diggin' the cards. Had to look back a couple of posts, because I forgot to look every day.

the 5er:
# 2 is "To:" & "From:"
for the others I'll just say, "you're makin me think too much."
Looking @ the other answers, I realize that I knew several of the answers, except the president one.

renecarol said...

oooh I like this one a lot. They are definitely getting better.

~ Wendy ~ said...

too cute! I can just picture Santa using nun-chuks.. (hee hee)

5ers ..

2. made in china .(oh, never mind that's 3 words)
3. Bert & Ernie (who later went to work on Sesame Street!)
4. Jacob Marley
5. I have to agree .. too early for math