Saturday, December 06, 2008

christmas 92

christmas card no.6--1992


92 and i'm still waiting 'til the last minute to throw a card together. hank and gretchen are now up to some real tricks, trying to capture santa and get more christmas loot. (i'm sure, to some degree, that they are inspired by calvin and hobbes, an obsession at the time.)

and here are the answers to the
"five for friday"
gettin' in the spirit edition...

1. what american president refused to allow a christmas tree in the white house?

environmentalist teddy roosevelt

2. what two words are usually pre-printed on christmas gift tags?


3. what are the names of the cop and the cab driver that help george out in "it's a wonderful life?"

bert and ernie

4. what was the name of scrooge's deceased partner in "a christmas carol?"

jacob marley

5. if you received all the gifts in "the twelve days of christmas," how many presents would you have?

364 gifts

smell ya later!


Cooper said...

Ooooo, love this one, especially if you intended the JAWS homage...

Brian said...

Those scamps and Cooper beat me to the Jaws, "we're gonna' need a bigger boat comment."

Todd, thanks again for the christmas card countdown.

Matt Wieringo said...

Todd, this card is GREAT! I love the composition of the illustration and the P.O.V. Very cool. With the zip, if feels kind of like a CEREBUS page. You missed your...other...calling.

Adam Hutch said...

Todd, your cards are really something. Thanks for showing them.