Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas 96

christmas card no.10--1996


in 96 i met two people who would come to mean a lot to me.
the first was mike wieringo, who was saddled with me as his spider-man partner for the next three and a half years (and then tellos for three more years after that) and best friends from almost the word go.
and dani fermanich, a wisconsin girl who made the move to new york and then put up with me for five (tumultuous) years. (see, i couldn't see it at the time, but i had this incredible fear of commitment, a result of, y'know, being left.)
so comics were going great--mike and i were really having fun!--my family was close by, happy and healthy (and growing; my brother and sister-in-law had just had their second child, my nephew, who, along with his older sister, would also keep me jumping), the kids were good and dani was now in the picture!
merry christmas! life is good!
i like the watercolor on this one too and especially like it 'cause hank gets to be the troublemaker in this one.

oh, and in case you haven't noticed in the little blurb/link over there at the side. no, look, over ------> there!...
over on craig's very own biggity-bloggety-bloo, he's been posting his sweet christmas cards from years past as well!
(although his are a helluva lot better due to him being a real artist and everything...)
don't miss 'em!
they're awesome!

hope you're gettin' in the spirit!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Another brilliant idea and yeah for Hank.

Glad to hear 1996 was a good year for you.

Heywood Jablomie said...

man this one's great too!

definitely getting me in the mood to do one of my own for next year now!

as for getting into the spirit-i'm shooting ya an 'e' shortly about that!

Christian D. Leaf said...

Top-notch watercolors, Todd!

Leanne said...

These are great, Todd! I love the addition of the watercolors!

Now I gots to check out Craig's cards...

Matt Wieringo said...

The watercolor gets better with each card. Just amazing. You need to a children's book.

Adam Hutch said...

You're too hard on your artistic abilities. These are great fun. Matt's right you should do a kid's book with these guys, or at least a feature in the 'Haps.

Cooper said...

It's so very cool that you've got this John Cusack/HIGH FIDELITY vibe going on, except with Christmas cards instead of records (a comment only someone who saw the movie/read the book would understand, but it had to be said).