Friday, December 26, 2008



between the post-christmas food coma sharon and i (and jake) slipped into last night and the fact that blogger wouldn't let me load any of the following pictures, this is being posted late in the day. sorry, gang.

hope you all had a wonderful christmas/holiday with your family and friends and that today you can relax and enjoy the company and the wonder that the season brings.

now that you know them, i thought i'd post a few more pictures of the kids, a couple sketches that i had laying around.
hope ya dig 'em...

this is a very early, very rough sketch of hank and gretchen that i did at work one day with a ballpoint pen. it must've been done a short time after we got hank. nicole and i used to joke that the two of them would want to steal the car for a short road trip so that they could drive through the drive through at mcdonald's over and over again.

i don't know where this came from. this was pre-93, before we got jake, but i don't know how it happened. i sat down and started drawing and soon it was a picture of gretchen from behind looking up. then the fridge, then the food, then hank. just sorta stream of pencilness.

sometime during my skydiving days, 95-96, i did this birthday card for my good friend, jim waterhouse, who was crazy for it and never had to talk me into it--i was always keen to go--but definitely got me involved.

and here, from 2005--at mike's request--i did this pic for a katrina relief sketchbook.
so very out of my league.

merry day after christmas!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Wow, a veritable post-christmas treasure trove of the "kids" adventures.

I remember the piece Mike did for the Katrina book and it was one of his most moving and powerful images.

It was the weekend when Katrina hit that Carol Ann and I adopted our first cat, Sabrina, so that is both a sad and happy memory for me.

A great Christmas was had by all here and amongst our extended families and I got some very nice new art to add to my collection.

Hmmmmm, say Todd, did the 5 for Friday get returned along with that sweater that was two sizes too small?


todd said...

--musta been the food coma.
i totally forgot it was friday...

Rich Faber said...

What most people don't realize about the Drawing Strength book we did for Katrina victims is that Jake actually appeared twice in it... once in Todd's piece, and Mike also drew Jake on the roof, on the cover.

While we're on the subject, a public "thanks again" for coming out of your shell and drawing that one, Todd. John and I agree it's one of our favorite pieces in the book. We were both so happy you decided to do it!


Dewback13 said...

Todd... we can't thank you enough for sharing with us. We found out so much in such a short time. Sure we laughed, we cried, we sighed... but that's what life is all about. This was more fun than any bio I've come across lately. Alas I am saddened that it is over. I have looked forward to these posts each day. Thanks again for letting us in... Looking forward to a great New Year!